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Disposable Scented Diaper Bags (Pack of 50)



Product Information

  • ✔️ DISPOSABLE DIAPER SACKS: These Disposable Scented Diaper Sacks are convenient and durable for stress free diaper disposal. They measure 13 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide and easily have room for a diaper and the wipes for a quick and complete diaper change!
  • ✔️ BABY POWDER SCENT: To help neutralize odors, these diaper sacks are baby powder scented which is mild and pleasant and give you the ease of mind that they will not leave a bathroom, bedroom or kitchen garbage can smelling! The long easy tie handles help create a air tight seal to keep odors and bacteria contained.
  • ✔️PERFECT FOR USE AT HOME OR WHILE TRAVELING: These heavy-duty bags are useful around baby’s room, playroom, family room, outdoors or any other place where you change your baby. Going out to the mall or to the park? Out for a walk and suddenly need to change a diaper? These Scented Diaper Bags are super handy for wherever you need them!
  • ✔️ COMES IN CONVENIENT “GO BAGS”: These Scented Diaper Bags come in 2 x 100ct “go bags” which are super convenient for leaving them at home and still having some to take with you while traveling. Easy to store in a diaper bag or purse! To use, simply tear the perforated area on the outer bag of 100ct and grab a scented bag out. Place diapers, wipes, soiled clothing or other trash inside the bag and tie the handles tight.
  • ✔️ 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are sure you will absolutely love this product, but if by chance you feel let down, we offer a full 100% no questions asked, money-back guarantee!